About OTN @ CIT

Welcome to the Online Teacher Network (OTN) weblog at Canberra Institute of Technology.

The network is part of a supported service offered through the Education Development Centre, and facilitated by the Flexible Learning Solutions team at the Southside campus.

This online space is used to

  • document ideas, forums and discussions,
  • share experiences of teaching and learning online,
  • manage our interactions and collective knowledge over the long term, and
  • cross-link with the OTN wiki (sign up now – here’s how!)

Newsflash!!! We are always on the lookout for motivated people to present various parts of this site, to write about things happening in your departments or areas of teaching, that involve online settings and digital learning materials.

Get in touch with us at FLS: online[at]cit.act.edu.au (please include the words ‘Online Teacher Network’ in your subject heading!), use the form below.

Also, if you have an existing weblog used in your teaching of PD, please tell us as we’d love to see what you’re doing and buildonline connections within the CIT network of teaching and learning innovation!

We look forward to hearing from you edubloggers soon! 🙂

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