Moblogging – here’s how it can work for assessment!

Moblogging, or mobile blogging, is an actviity that requires you to be ‘on the move’ (i.e. mobile) and that you can access the Web whilst on the move. You may also need a mobile phone and a blog set up on the Web. As for its use as a workplace assessment enabling tool, I’ll let Marg Bell tell you about the rest!

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This is one of the NSW Learnscope projects for 2007. Check out more here.

Are you inspired to get online? :o)

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Getting your message across to your audience…visually!

Sketchcast a new way to express yourself

Found yourself struggling to convey a point to others using online tools?

Ever wished you could lead others through your thinking visually?

A picture is worth a thousand words right ;oP

Well, check out the demo!

Sketchcast screenshot

Well, maybe Sketchcast might work for you. Not only that, you can embed Sketchcast castings(?) into your subject pages – even encourage students to present their ideas using sketchcast – the possiblities are only limited by your imagination!

Try it…share it…show others…spread the learning!

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Are YOU an innovator or a flexible learning champion?

  • What are the characteristics of an innovator?
  • What is the role of a champion?
  • What support do you have to innovate?
  • What barriers do you face in being an innovator?

Take a listen to what Michael Coghlan has to say about being an innovator – do his comments ring true for you?

An Accidental Innovator

More case studies are available from the AFLF innovate and integrate website.

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A bit of Friday fun…

Threading it on Edublogs!

James has provided a good tip for combining images and voice! Take a look at VoiceThreads.

  • tell stories about your pictures (integrates with your Flickr account)
  • capture a collection of voices in one place
  • embed on your blog or wiki or webpage!

Easy-to-follow instructions and (if not behind a firewall) direct recording is available for your slideshow.

Check out this VoiceThread from the VoiceThread team which really highlgihts the various ways you can use VoiceThread really effectively.

It’s a digital story and you’re in control!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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E-learning in the trades: making e-learning work for you

This is a resource to inspire and support you to take the e-learning path in your teaching practice. We present six excellent case studies for you to read. They are all examples of trade teachers from the building trades currently using e-learning tools to improve the flexibility and the impact of their teaching. In all cases, they have found that their students’ motivation and enjoyment in learning has significantly improved. We also provide a model that will guide you through your e-learning journey. This model is built on discussions with trade teachers who have already gone down this path.

e-Learning in the Trades (An Australian Flexible Learning Framework Project)

Ballarat new building site

The project promotes a Do-It-Yourself model of e-learning for trade-based industries, which shows the practicalities of delivering training in the trades. I’d encourage reading the model overview PDF. It elaborates on the model itself and presents a strategic approach to e-learning in an accessible way, not only for the trades but for any teacher or learner in VET! If you’re familair with action learning, this model presents itself in a similar way to an action learning cycle.

Oh, and if you just want to get in there and DO something, there’s plenty of neat tools available!

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