Series 10 Flexible Learning Toolboxes avaliable for partial preview

You can get a partial preview of the series 10 Toolboxes at The Framework Toolbox site already!

Series 10 is looking good with BuildRight, Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building); Retailer, Certificate II in Retail and others in competitive manufacturing, Water and Aged Care.

E-learning in the trades: making e-learning work for you

This is a resource to inspire and support you to take the e-learning path in your teaching practice. We present six excellent case studies for you to read. They are all examples of trade teachers from the building trades currently using e-learning tools to improve the flexibility and the impact of their teaching. In all cases, they have found that their students’ motivation and enjoyment in learning has significantly improved. We also provide a model that will guide you through your e-learning journey. This model is built on discussions with trade teachers who have already gone down this path.

e-Learning in the Trades (An Australian Flexible Learning Framework Project)

Ballarat new building site

The project promotes a Do-It-Yourself model of e-learning for trade-based industries, which shows the practicalities of delivering training in the trades. I’d encourage reading the model overview PDF. It elaborates on the model itself and presents a strategic approach to e-learning in an accessible way, not only for the trades but for any teacher or learner in VET! If you’re familair with action learning, this model presents itself in a similar way to an action learning cycle.

Oh, and if you just want to get in there and DO something, there’s plenty of neat tools available!

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Copyright fact sheets

The Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department have released a series of fact sheets to help people understand the latest amendments. I have covered the educational amendments, but if you are interested from a industry perspective these fact sheets may be useful. For example the new provisions for Museums and Library Archives, or for writers/artist/creative media the new parody satire provisions, or if you want to scare students with the new criminal provisions if they misuse the technology they have access to. Or consider the private copying allowance, which is what worries me, how to get everyone understanding the differences between private, student and business/professional use. So happy reading:


Copyright Amendment Act 2006 – Fact sheets

Championing Toolboxes in the ACT

I’ve been trying to pin down Stephan Schmidt for sometime now to have him do a quick interview about his work as this year’s ACT Toolbox Champion. Now I’ve got him! I’ve locked the doors and have managed to pin a mic to him so he can’t go anywhere! 🙂

stephan schmidtI asked Stephan what he’s been up to with Toolboxes recently and where he sees Toolboxes fitting with the future of learning… click the audio link below to listen along.

Audio interview with Stephan Schmidt (mp3, approx. 18 mins).

Some key points Stephan raises in this interview:

  • although Stephan has done much to promote Toolboxes around the ACT, he still sees that there are many who have yet to find out about them.
  • there are plenty of Toolboxes available and all are customisable.
  • there is also the Toolbox Repository (via the AFLF website) available for those who don’t need an entire Toolbox (items in the repository are free to download).toolboxes

Are you in the ACT and want to know more about Toolboxes? Contact Stephan Schmidt at the CIT on (02) 6297 4031 or by email, for further information.

The next seminar on Toolboxes will be held on 27th October, at CIT Soutside Campus. Check this link for more details and booking numbers.

Real work demonstrates real learning outcomes: events management

I attended a session held by the Teacher Education unit (thanks to organiser Elizabeth Jones!) in the EDC on Thursday, June 22nd, presented by the very vibrant Sally Holdsworth from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management here at CIT.Sally Holdsworth

Sally has a varied background and she started her presentation by sharing her industry based work background and experiences with us, which was a lovely way into illustrating how she runs her certificate and diploma programs for events management. I could certainly picture Sally arranging events and project managing in the hotel and tourism industry!

It seems her interdisciplinary experiences have not only provided her the background to engage her students in ‘real’ work opportunities, but has allowed her to make the most of her industry networks to bring her students into this real world. That takes energy and Sally certainly showed some of that in her presentation!The presentation

One example of the work Sally and her students have recently done has been to coordinate the Public Education Day at CIT and that included the wider public education network as well. Over 30 students worked on this event. Part of the assessment for students is that they be a part of the post-evaluation of the event, so they can reflect on, and learn how to refine, their processes, skills and approaches when working on events, like the Public Education Day. Continue reading