Introducing a sparkly new FLS staff member!

I’d like you all to meet Aaron.


Aaron started with us this week as our newest (and possibly shiniest) educational designer 🙂

Aaron will beef up the FLS team with his enthusiasm and his skills in imagining CIT’s next generation online learning environment (whatever that may be).

Aaron comes to us with a varied background (always a handy thing) and has worked in the school and VET sectors for many years. Although he reckons he’s never ‘gotten into blogging’ before, he’s just started one today!

He’ll be making the rounds at CIT, as well as further afield, so please make him feel welcome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Introducing a sparkly new FLS staff member!

  1. What a handsome shiny headed man, with a great tie. I think I’d like to marry him! xx Michelle (Your wife)

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