Art is research! Re-scripting spaces for learning

After following Bee’s blog post about u-learning and watching to Scoble video, I skipped over to YouTube and picked up the designing learning spaces (or more accurately, the ‘antinormalizer’) video Bee refers to, about re-scripting spaces in which we learn (blog post is here).

Take a look – it’s left-field and will no doubt get you thinking about how learning spaces can change as we engage more and more with ubiquitous technologies like mobile phones. It certainly got me thinking about how we use spaces (think of how often you go to a shopping centre these days and what it’s actually made up of!). Perhaps we’re underusing our spaces, or perhaps we could reconfigure our spaces for multiple uses more?

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Likewise, if you want to find out more about m-learning and mobile phones in learning, you might want to get over to CIT Reid campus in Canberra where Alex Hayes is presenting – quick, he’s already started! 🙂

He’s running his session again tomorrow same time (10.30am) – check out his presentation online at slideshare.

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