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Copyright issues in education are not just an issue at CIT, all around Australia schools, universities TAFE’s and private RTO’s are grappling with choices about copyright in education. There isn’t one size fits all answer, and for the VET sector lots of other issues like competition make the copyright choices not harder, but requiring more thought. Over the last four weeks I have been travelling all over Australia discussing these topics with TAFE, community providers, private RTO’s and departmental staff. It has been interesting to compare all the different viewpoints, and what concerns people the most. One of the most hotly debated topics has been moral rights and how institutions and teachers should handle this issue in education.

If you would like to read and hear more about this trip – please link across to Copyright at CIT wiki


4 thoughts on “CIT Copyright all around Australia

  1. Hey Vanessa, good to have you back 🙂

    Were there any special highlights from your trip? Could you outline some of the concerns you heard from people you met along the way? It’s such a big thing to address isn’t it!


  2. Marg,
    I always get a buzz from talking to TAFE teachers, so for me that is a highlight. Societies whole attitude to intellectual property is changing, and we need to stay up with the wave, and at least know what is going on, so I am very happy when they come up after the session, say it was useful, and that they picked up a few tips to take away.
    The biggest concerns TAFE teachers have at the moment, I think is moral rights, the discussion came up, in almost every session around the country, so it must be something people are interested in.
    If you want more information on the trip have a look at:

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